May 2009

quarter & half races

In preparation for our half-marathon in Blenheim next week we warmed up with a quarter race in Nelson.

cafe chicks

Mary is visiting from Wellington so we all went out for coffee before our quarter marathon race tomorrow…..


If you have a child who enjoys using the computer, playing games or watching kids youtube videos, you will want to know about Kidzui. Kidzui is a free, safe kids browser for children ages 3-12 years-old. The website officially launched on March 18, 2008. I just discovered it while I was looking for fun educational games for Poppy.

kidzui_logoKidzui takes a whole new approach to filtering out the bad content from the web, to protect the eyes and mind of children. Rather than blacklisting Internet sites, they “white list” sites that are approved and safe for children of specific ages. I believe there are over 1/2 million sites that are on there at this time.Read More »kidzui