2 thoughts on “lakes ranch, rotorua

  1. Hi Adrienne,
    Nice photos! You’ve captured some great moments. Is it ok that i put some of them in my blog?
    Didn’t see you and Poppy before we left. Hope to see you guys soon.


  2. hi Poppy,

    I hope you are having a good time. I had a great time at camp with you and I hope that your mum will give you big treats and I love you Poppy and miss you Poppy. Thank you for having a good day at camp with me I hope you have a good day at home now.

    Bye bye for now

    Terina Hall

    ( these are Terina’s words LOL) Great meeting you both at camp, hope things are going well for you down that way.

    Love the Hall Whanau.

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