Poppy & Adrienne at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 2019Adrienne and Poppy (15) are a Kiwi mum and daughter [both double vaxxed] fulltime petsitting our way around Australia and the world. Over 140 successful petsits completed since 2013 with awesome references and police check supplied. We are often asked to return and petsit again as homeowners value our professionalism, kindness and love for their pets and our ability to keep them up-to-date whilst they are away.

We will NEVER leave your pet alone if they are anxious or nervous. We have had great success with separation disorder and anxious pets with owners saying their animals are relaxed and happy when they arrive home.

We believe your pet will be happier and more content in their own environment with their familiar routine. We take care of large or modest dwellings, indoor and outdoor pets and we are friendly and non-judgmental.

Working from home as a webmaster and homeschooling Poppy means we appreciate fast wifi and to share your unlimited package – and will keep you updated regularly via txt, facebook messenger, whatsapp or email.

Dispensing medications or any other out-of-the-ordinary requirement is not a problem – we will follow your instructions to the letter no matter how weird!

Nothing beats the love and attention of a gentle child companion with all the time in the world to play. Experienced in garden, lawn, and pool maintenance and will adapt to your life-flow to keep things routine for your pets.


We will supply a list of names and email addresses of previous homeowners for you to contact directly for references.  I’ve also listed some snippets as you read some of our previous appointments.

Snippet from reference: “We highly recommend having someone and coming to house sit for you. We had Adrienne & Poppy Ford house sit for us and look after our cat and I can’t speak highly enough. They took care of him better then I think I do. It was nice for him to be in his own environment and pretty sure he didn’t even notice we left!”

Snippet from reference: “I would highly recommend Adrienne & Poppy as being resourceful, friendly, and honest, with a love of animals and a passion for learning that leads to appreciating every opportunity that comes their way.”

Snippet from reference: “You have done such a fantastic job. I can’t express how grateful we are to have had you looking after our dog. What a find you two were.”

Snippet from reference: “Thank you for caring so much! I really appreciate how you cared for the house and our boys, it made it easier for us to relax on our trip knowing you were here! They definitely didn’t lack anything and that makes my heart very happy.”

Snippet from reference: “We found the cats perfectly attended and our home beautifully maintained. You are welcome back any time.”

Adrienne & Poppy Ford
Kiwi Petsitters




Huey + car (+ baby blackbird)

For one of our final stops in New Zealand before heading back to Oz, we were chosen for a 3 month sit in Richmond, Nelson (where my parents and grandparents live) so extremely close to family.  Huey was an adorable and friendly kitty requiring a daily dose of oral medication with his dinner.  We mowed lawns and weeded gardens as well as photographing mail for the homeowner.  She also left us some boxes to post just before Christmas and requested I find some articles of clothing in her closet for a wedding and post to her to save buying new.  Poppy and Huey loved playing together and he would meow for one of us to sit on the sofa with him for a cuddle.  Unfortunately he was a hunter and brought me several dead birds…. one of which was actually alive once I checked.  I took care of the baby blackbird and fed him jellymeat for a couple of weeks until his feathers grew enough so he could fly.  We are increasingly enjoying longer sits and will be looking for a similarly longish period during 2021.







Nigel, Harry, Milly & Peaches + pool, spa and car

Our month-long stay in Auckland over Christmas & New Year was full of fabulous fun with these adorable fluff-balls.  We had lots of regular walks down at the Orakei Basin and plenty of fun around the pool.  Their mum was particularly keen to have lots of photos sent whilst the family was away so we even arranged a special Santa photo for her along with a delicious treat for their Christmas dinner.  This was a full-service housesit with a drop off and pick up at the airport as the homeowners left their car for us to use to transport the dogs to the park and pick up groceries etc.  We have already been booked for a return sit next year.

[source: school friend]

Harley & Storm + car

We came back to the Gold Coast to base ourselves near MovieWorld so Poppy could make use of her annual passes to all the theme parks.  Six minutes from the gates, we looked after an adorable silky terrier x chihuahua named Harley and his little kitty friend Storm in Pacific Pines. 

This was an excellent base of operations for several weeks and we really got our money’s worth on those passes!   We were able to drop off and pick up our homeowners from BNE airport and keep them up-to-date with photos and messages via Facebook messenger whilst they were overseas.

Reference:  “Absolutely fantastic sitter. So very helpful in all ways both during and after sit. I would definitely recommend Adrienne and Poppy as very competent and had both Harley and Storm eating out of their hands.”


Lizzie, Rupert, Maggie & Lottie + Rex & Jess + 4 fish tanks + car

Looking after this houseful of pets was a loving experience!  Poppy adored the lizards and spent time every day with them on her warm skin.  Their kitten Lottie was adorable and held her own with the three boisterous pups. 

Rupert was a rescue dog and he got very anxious around new people so we had to make friends with him quickly and earn his trust.  We managed their exercise and routine over the three weeks we spent in Robina and everyone was happy and healthy when we picked up the homeowners from Brisbane airport.  







Sushi & Cuba + pond fish

sushi&cubaIn Erskineville Sydney, a traumatised Bengal cat called Sushi was our first challenge and she came around to Poppy really well. By the end of the three week petsit, she was allowing Poppy to tickle her tummy while she lay on the tiles. Cuba was a little more friendly (on her own terms) and she is a gorgeous Oriental (Havana brown) with a sweet personality.

We gave them a wonderful kitty Christmas Day with a treat of chicken for breakfast and some new toys to play with.

Snoopy, Jasper, Mr Spikey & Daisy

dundasIn Dundas Sydney we had a houseful of furry friends to take care of for 10 days. Two cats and two dogs kept us busy with feeding, cleaning and walking and lots of cuddles on the couch.

Unfortunately, we also had to take care of an outbreak of fleas – lucky it was a hot summer because everyone got a bath!



princeMoss Vale in the Southern Highlands of NSW is home to Prince, an older border collie with a twice daily walk routine. He loves the dog park and we met so many other dogs and owners there every afternoon for a romp.

We had some very specific and detailed garden watering tasks on this property over the two weeks and thankfully we got through a real heatwave without any losses.



Tonks + car

tonksChipping Norton in the South West of Sydney was our home for 3 months and we became very, very fond of Tonks, a beautiful Tonkinese cat. He and Poppy were best mates and played for hours. We took care of mail and paid some bills as well as photographing and sending photos of envelopes via email for the homeowners instructions.

This homeowner left us her car which we just used locally to the Mall, grocery store and train station. Have you considered leaving your car for us to use? I have an Aussie licence and will pay the insurance excess in the unlikely event of an accident.
We can also drive you to and from the airport making your trip a little more efficient.

Prince again + car

prince2Winter in Moss Vale, Southern Highlands of NSW, gave us a very different experience of the same home & surroundings. This was a repeat sit and the homeowners left us their car in addition to the wonderful Prince whom we enjoyed walking again over four weeks.

As a special treat (after permission), we took him on a road trip to the beach where he had a blast in the sand and on the rocks – and especially in the car.
[source: repeat client]

Reenie, Rocky, Duchess and Miss Kitty

reenieVale Park, Adelaide finds us caring for a little, elderly, almost blind toy fox terrier and three cats. Reenie was so scared of us at first but we soon made friends and she loved going out for a little walk. Two of the three cats came for a cuddle but the big boy Rocky was hiding in the garage for most of the 10 days we were there. In the mornings he would venture out and let me sit a couple of metres away while he had some breakfast.

These pets all had routines and important tasks, for example, filling a hot water bottle each morning for one cat who liked a little warmth. Of course during any petsit, we are happy to pick up back yard droppings, clear out kitty litter and manage any accidents as they occur.

Torty and Tilly + wild doves

tortyBroadview, Adelaide is our new area to explore whilst looking after ‘the invisible cat’ Torty and Tilly the budgie. We also threw out wheat to a flock of wild doves on the property.

Unfortunately, Torty preferred to stay in the neighbour’s shed during the day after recent renovations on the house and noisy workmen scared her. We only saw her briefly in the evenings when she came in for her dinner – and sometimes not at all. I kept an open line of communication with the neighbour to make sure she was still happy and concentrated on the birds. By the end of our month-long stay, Torty started to trust us and come in for a cuddle. We took care of home security and pets with regular updates and photos in viber with the homeowner.


evaAlthough we only stayed one night at Jeanette’s home in Adelaide, it was fun to meet Eva and dress her up in some of her doggy clothes!

Reference: “It was lovely meeting Adrienne and Poppy and they were excellent house guests….Enjoy your travelling!!


Millie and Charlie

magill2Magill, Adelaide was host to week-long petsit whilst we were still in South Australia. Poppy adored her time with these cute wee dogs and they were a delight to look after. The playful maltese and toy poodle loved all the time Poppy had to play with them and even slept with her every night.



Femi, an adorable cat, was Poppy’s playmate for a month in Fullarton, Adelaide. She certainly loved spending time with us and enjoyed all the crafty things Poppy made to play with her. The garden made a wonderful playground for them both during the spring weather.


Myles + car


We loved our time in Bruce, Canberra with one darling 7 month old kitten, Myles, for three weeks.

We taught him to use the cat-flap and play outside. He loved being around us and would snuggle up with me while I was working on my laptop.





We also offered to train him to use the powder room using the LitterKwitter method and successfully taught him to switch from his litter tray in the laundry to the hallway toilet.




bobbyWe loved being up high in an apartment in Artarmon, Sydney for 3 weeks with a beautiful Persian cat, Bobby. He needed some serious grooming and I spend quite a few hours removing matted hair from his coat and brushing him back to his normal best. We also took twice-daily care of a wound on his back and he was in great shape when we left.

Bobby was a little shadow for us and liked to sleep on Poppy’s pillow to make sure he was close.
[source: facebook]

Nina & Benson

bensonFish Creek is a very small town in southern Victoria where we stayed with Nina and her family. It was really cool to live right next to the cafe and to explore the surrounding area. We had lots of fun at the beach and managed the hot temperatures fairly well – out on bikes and walking Benson – as well as sightseeing.

David & Sue

davidIt was awesome to explore Bendigo, Victoria whilst staying with David and Sue for a couple of nights. Poppy really enjoyed the Gold Mine tour and the Talking Tram as well as jamming with David on the ukes.

From reference: “This talented pair are having a great adventure and it was an honour to be part of their journey for a couple of days. They fitted into the household and contributed well.”

Op’t Hoog Family

millyWe had the best time with Sally, Rick, Milly & Angus in Swan Hill, Victoria for three nights. This family are amazing and Poppy really enjoyed spending time playing pool with Angus and singing with Milly. We especially loved the canoeing trip down the Murray River with Sally’s sister and her kids. We were both sad to leave Swan Hill!

From reference: “Lovely, vivacious Adrienne and Poppy stayed with us and opened our eyes to the world. Beautiful ladies who would enrich any home they visited! Both very giving of themselves. Would have them again any day!”

Sass and Julius + car

sassWe loved the slower pace of Mildura, a beautiful rural Victorian town on the Murray River. Sass and Julius were adorable cats and slept on the bed every night. Julius also liked to bring us once-living creatures from the garden – a bird, a mouse, a lizard…. he was a very generous cat!


We also used the homeowner’s car and this allowed us to get out into the community and spend some time with other homeschooling families over the 10 days we were staying.








Scottie & Michelle

flynnbaileyWe were so thrilled to have a guided tour of the Mornington Peninsula and to Arthur’s Seat lookout whilst staying with our Kiwi friends in Frankson, Melbourne. Their beautiful big dogs were so friendly and Poppy loved playing chasing games with them.
[source: Kiwi friends via facebook]




lucyWe stayed with Ros and Paul in Brisbane and met their adorable dog Lucy.

Reference: “Adrienne was easy going and good with communication prior to her arrival. She and Poppy were great guests and we enjoyed hearing about their travels. Highly recommended.”


Cho and Rigsby + car

Holland Park West in Brisbane is a quiet, green suburb where two big cats love to hunt and play. We appreciated the use of the homeowner’s car to get around whilst we gave lots of cuddles to the kitties. Cho brought me a few presents from outside – a mouse, a huge cockroach and a few lizards. He was thrilled with all the attention from Poppy and slept near her every night.
Reference: “Thank you for caring so much! I really appreciate how you cared for the house and our boys, it made it easier for us to relax on our trip knowing you were here! They definitely didn’t lack anything and that makes my heart very happy.”

Molly and Milo + pool


These cuddly little bundles of fluff were so affectionate and loved being close to us. They required lots of cuddles and attention and we spent the majority of our time at home with them whilst we caught up on work and school commitments before Christmas.

We were so thrilled to have a pool during this very warm week in December in Fernvale, Queensland – some days got to almost 40C degrees. It felt like a resort holiday – bare feet, sunscreen and swimming. We didn’t have transportation (not that there were any tourist activities in the area!) so ordered our groceries online and were happy to be remote and in our own company for the week.







Winston and Jasper + pool + car


These two adorable little dogs were a real delight to look after. They loved their daily outings and Winston would jump in the pool with us when we got home from a particularly long walk.

Apart from a couple of accidental wee-wee incidents inside, we had an awesome time with them.

Jasper was so cuddly and slept with Poppy every night. He also needed a twice-daily pill which was handled successfully.

Winston somehow picked up a tick one day in the long grass – we were able to remove that with no harmful effects.

This was a wonderful holiday on the Gold Coast, Queensland over Christmas & New Year with two happy dogs to play with and love.

We also had the use of the homeowner’s car which made our time so much easier and meant we could take the dogs on adventures as well.

[source: direct contact from]

Battle Cat

battlecatEumundi on the Sunshine Coast is where we stayed with Battle Cat and her owner Anna for a week of sun, markets, swimming, a daytrip to Noosa and lots of fun.

Reference: “Adrienne and her daughter Poppy were excellent guests. They were respectful and fun. Being experienced travelers they were very self sufficient. I’d have them to stay again in a heartbeat.”

Champ + Bailey & Coco

champWe were back in Brisbane, Queensland looking after an adorable four month old Border Collie x Shih-tzu puppy and two beautiful ragdoll cats. Taking care of a puppy requires lots of extra work and training but we loved him so much that it was a pleasure over the 2 weeks we were in Morningside.

cocoWe spent the majority of our time at home so the cats and puppy had lots of attention and playtime. We taught Champ to walk on his lead and progressively walked further and further each day. The cats loved racing each other up and down the stairs so Poppy created some elaborate games (usually involving empty toilet paper rolls) for them.

baileyReference: “Just wanted to thank you again as the animals are so happy and we took Champ for a walk and he was so good yesterday it was like having a new puppy! He has also been really well behaved so thank you for your help while we were away.”


A regal little girl with lots of personality, Latisha was very friendly. We loved our time in Redcliffe over Poppy’s birthday and enjoyed meeting Jo and Peter.

Reference: It was an absolute pleasure to meet such gracious and well travelled people and really hope to meet again in the future to hear more about their fantastic adventures.

Sammy + car

Sammy lives in Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast, Queensland and is a beach dog. He loves the sand between his toes and even enjoys a dip in the ocean now and then. Luckily, Poppy is a beach girl! They had hours of fun out in the sun.
[source: family member]


nonaWhat an adorable tiny wee kitten! We got to know Nona whilst in Dubai for a few days and Poppy completely adored her.

Reference: Adrienne and her daughter were so lovely and lively! They have an amazing outlook on life that was so inspiring! I would have them as guests again in my home 🙂

Bella & Sheena

sheenaOur first stop in Europe was a medieval village on a hill named CittĂ  Sant’Angelo in Abruzzi, Italy. Sheena and Bella had a wonderful week with lots of walks and cuddles whilst we enjoyed a brand new culture and language on our worldwide adventure. As there was no garden, Sheena required several outings a day and we managed to keep her routine exactly the same as her owners. sheena2As it happens, I was also able to assist with both the homeowners’ online businesses and became their virtual assistant whilst they were away on holiday with limited internet access.



Little Beak & Yellow Beak + goldfish

yellowbeakThis was our first time looking after ducks and it was in Paignton, UK just before spring. The beautiful fresh eggs every morning were a real treat and cleaning out the paddling pool was a lot of wet fun for Poppy! Our biggest challenge was keeping the bossy seagulls from eating all the delicious salad we made them every day.

Reference: “The house was immaculate, and the ducks truly spoiled. Thank you (and Poppy) so much for looking after them.”


Conker, Sparkie, Mischa & Mr George

conkersparkie mischa mrgeorgeA very unique and beautiful dog, Conker is the first animal we’ve met that has his own facebook page!

Along with his three feline housemates, we had a lively week in Blandford Forum in the Dorset region of England.

Poppy played with Conker every day for hours. They were best mates and he had the time of his life in ‘doggy summer camp’ for a week. Our twice daily walks down the railway reserve were also a highlight of his day – and sleeping on the bed with Poppy made this rescue dog feel very safe and loved.



sujaySujay was an excellent host in Edinburgh and we really loved staying with him.

This is what he said about Poppy: “Poppy is one of the smartest 9 year olds I have ever met – confident, articulate, and interested in everything around. Clearly she takes after her mom! They were considerate and trustworthy guests and I would have no hesitation in recommending them as hosts/guests/petsitters/travel buddies/new friends!”


Creasey Family, McBain Family & Johnston Family

ruthWe especially love meeting up with other travelling families and we were lucky to have two in Fife and Stirling excited to show us their towns.

Often Poppy is already communicating with other travelling, homeschooled children via Skype and then gets to meet them in person.

I am already networking with many of the parents in facebook where we all help each other with travel plans, learning opportunities and support from others in our ‘tribe’.

We were able to pay it forward and show Ruth & Louis around Edinburgh once they arrived for their time in Scotland.

[source: Families on the Move facebook group]

Balthazar & Marlowe

BalthazarUnfortunately, one of the two cats we looked after for 5 weeks in Edinburgh, Scotland developed a disturbing nurological condition just before his owners were due to leave town.

marloweWe were in close contact with them to manage his status and review medication and also represent them at their vets if the occasion arose. We were able to give them peace of mind that his care was our top priority along with the security of their home. Their other cat also had special needs so we made sure they were both as settled and as happy as their owners would have made them.

Our favourite thing about living in this beautiful house was the Steinway grand piano in the front room. It got lots of use as we played and sang every day and really appreciated being able to share it.

Reference: “Got home last night and we were amazed at how tidy the place was! Thank you so much for making the bed on the top floor too, and thanks again for the groceries, very much appreciated. It’s super to be back home, and to have had the place and the cats looked after so well.”


Gizmo, Barbar and Meigel + car

gizmoWe were really happy to find a lovely, modern safe subdivision near Glasgow with lots of kids and an awesome playground nearby. The three cuddly little Shih Tzu fluffballs were also lucky to have a fully-fenced protected reserve to run around in just over the road.

Gizmo was a very recent addition to the household and as a rescue dog, had particular needs to ensure he continued settling in and socialising successfully. We were very grateful for the use of the homeowner’s car after 2 months using public transport. And to top it off, Poppy got to stay in the 10 year old daughter’s room with all her toys and books. This pet-sit was a delight and we would go back in a heartbeat.


Blackie & PĂ©pette + car

blackieBoth these cats in Rouffach, France were rescue adoptions and neither would come into the house. We worked really hard to gain their trust and Poppy especially unexpectedly made friends with PĂ©pette who was even following her into the kitchen by the end of our stay.

PĂ©petteWe were also responsible for maintaining a huge garden including vegetables and spend many hours making sure all the watering was done early morning and late evening during the summer heat.

As this was a rural area, we were invited to use the homeowner’s car which was greatly appreciated. Our language skills were utilised in the village as very few people spoke any English.


MineCon 2015 Conference

cupquakePoppy was really excited to meet her YouTube heroes and be totally immersed in her favourite online video game, Minecraft, during this conference in London.

All 10,000 tickets were snapped up within minutes so we were lucky to grab some.

As you can see, Poppy wore a ‘Wither’ costume during the weekend that we had carried with us around the world since her GranJan made it for Halloween last year.

ExCeL London Conference Centre


rosyA darling wee girl, Rosy was a wonderful companion during our three weeks in Cologne, Germany. She loved spending time in the garden and we had a fantastic time in the city with the borrowed bikes we were given. It actually awakened our passion for cycling and we hope to continue exploring new places on two wheels.

Reference: “It was very helpful to have dinner made and a relaxed house when we came home a day early. It took the usual stress out of coming home in the campervan and feeling like I had to start cleaning and washing straight away. Thanks for all your help.”


Sid & Nancy + car

sidnancySometimes our petsitting requires some special treatment and our week in Godalming, Surrey, England was one of these. As new residents to this home, the two cats were being kept inside to ensure they recognised their home base. As our stay was during the school holidays, we enjoyed the local council’s Staycation activities including karate, kayaking, woodwork, drama club and free swimming at the local pool.


Iggle Piggle the guinea pig + Saffy and Sammy

igglepiggleThis was a quick weekend sit for friends in London and we loved their very friendly cats and adorable guinea pig.

It was also fun once they got home and we could spend some time visiting with them.

[source: family friends]


lolaBefore starting our official petsit in Amsterdam, we stayed with Stephen and his lovely daughters for the night.

We had lots of fun eating pancakes for dinner and playing Wii dancing and sports together. Poppy loved hanging out with them.

Their pretty cat Lola was also very cute.


Vlad & Misty

mistyvladThese amazing, fluffy Siberian Forest cats were in our charge for six weeks in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and we grew very fond of them. Luckily they loved their grooming because it took quite a while to keep them looking perfect. We were in a well-resourced location with trams, playgrounds and supermarkets right outside the door. We were also very happy to stay in one place for a little longer this time and spread out our tourist activities. It’s challenging being on holiday 24/7!


Zambia & Noor

noorIn Brussels, Belgium we looked after a beautiful Greek street rescue dog named Zambia and her best mate, Noor.
We did our complete interview and orientation process via Skype and didn’t meet the homeowner at all during the process.

She unfortunately also gave us the wrong end date and was actually due home a day before we left. However, we are entirely flexible and booked an airBnB room for the final night instead. This also gave us the opportunity to meet up for a coffee and introduce ourselves in person before jumping on the train for our next appointment.


Luca & Simba

lucaOur week in a luxury apartment on a canal in Amsterdam was delightful with the adorable Luca and friendly Simba. We loved our daily walks around the shopping district and enjoyed the Rugby World Cup week on a big screen TV.

simbaWe also kept an eye on the owners canal boat and hosted some friends of theirs that came to stay the night whilst they were away. We were generously invited to stay in their guest room the night before and after their holiday as well.

Reference: “Luca and Simba love you both.”



dorasWe couchsurfed with a beautiful Dutch family near the Eftling theme park and fell in love with Doras, their beagle. As they had to go to France, we stayed an extra day and looked after Doras for them. Their teenaged daughter Lucille and Poppy had a fun time together as well.


Vlad & Misty again

vladOur Amsterdam homeowner asked us to come back and look after her babies again while she was away. We felt very much at home for another 3 weeks and the cats took no time at all to get used to us again.

I was able to deal with some postage issues for the owner and also scan and send her an important document she needed overseas.

Reference: “Thank you for everything you did according to our unwritten contract and much, much more beyond what you had to do. The kittens will remember you both forever!”

[source: rebooking]


andyOur only appointment with pets in the time we spent in South America was in Salvador, Brazil with Andy the cat. He was a friendly wee boy and we were able to assimilate into a new culture and language quickly whilst staying at the beach. We had lots of adventures in hotels and airbnb rooms before heading back to Australia for Christmas.

Reference: “You are lovely and we love you and Andy was missing you when you left.”


Bartrum & Totoro + car

bartrumWe love coming back to Sydney to catch up with family and friends and this petsit in a beautiful apartment overlooking the city was a treat to live in for six weeks. Bartrum and Totoro were so friendly and loving, giving us lots of entertainment and playtime.

totoroPoppy taught Totoro to use the iPad and play different cat apps she downloaded for him. He was such a smart kitty and so clever to work out all the tricks and traps she set for him. We also procured a big bag of tinsel being taken down at the grocery store on Christmas Eve and spread it all over the floor as a special Christmas present for the cats. They had a blast jumping and hiding in it all. We have been invited back to petsit again next Christmas.

Reference: “My cats were in good hands. I lucked out with you two! I so appreciated the photos you sent to Viber as I missed my little ones so much. I will call on you again. Thanks again for everything.”


Myles again

myles2As this was a repeat booking, we never even saw the homeowners as we transitioned into their home after they left and transitioned out before they got home. Myles definitely recognised us and it was brilliant to meet the little kitten we looked after now all grown up. I could still see the kitten inside him and we made sure we did all his favourite things over the week we were in Canberra.

Reference: “Thanks so much Adrienne & Poppy. We had a great holiday knowing our home and little Myles were safe. Everything was lovely when we got home and Myles was very relaxed. Thanks again.”

[source: repeat booking]

Monty & Milo

montymiloWe were back in New Zealand for the first time in over 2 years and got to spend some time with our friends in Christchurch and their two adorable dogs for a few days.

Taking a walk through the bush with Milo was a highlight of our stay as we searched for HuHu grubs in rotten logs and listened to the birdsong unique to our land.

[source: family friends]

Woodill family + Paris

woodillsWe drove up the east coast of the South Island and visited the Woodill family in Kaikoura for a cuppa before making it all the way to Picton to visit with Ma & Pa in Waikawa Bay.

It was amazing to see them again after over 2 years away and they are both going strong.

parisPoppy loved playing with their beautiful Burmese cat Paris whilst we were there.

She chased Poppy around the back yard and stopped for cuddles and brushing when she felt like a break. Poppy has known Paris since she was a tiny kitten.

[source: family]


laceyAt last we arrive back in Nelson on Poppy’s 10th birthday for some family time and to be reunited with our favourite Spoodle, Lacey.

As it was also Yogi’s 70th birthday a couple of days after Poppy’s, all our family from around the world got together for a reunion and three days of celebrations. We couldn’t have asked for better weather or activities and catching up with everyone was fantastic.

[source: family]

Blossom, Freckles & Smokey Boy + car

blossomYou can’t even imagine the glorious beaches and islands of the Whitsundays in northern Queensland, Australia. We had a fabulous time at the end of summer snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef and swimming in the warm Pacific Ocean for three weeks whilst looking after 3 cats in Proserpine. Blossom was the only one of the three to actually acknowledge us, but we don’t mind looking after invisible cats!


Mr Smithers and Valerie + car

valerieThese two Brisbane cats were on a strict schedule and had to be inside at night by 6pm or they wouldn’t come home. We managed to have them in safe and sound every night and sleeping on the bed with us.

Unfortunately, whilst the homeowners were away, their old gas water heater decided to die so I was able to help diagnose the problem, get a couple of quotes from local plumbers and be the ‘at home’ liaison.

smithersThe job was successfully completed the next day and everything was back to normal for the homeowners’ return.

Reference: “You kept my babies safe and happy and I feel like we are lucky to have found you. Getting the cat photo updates was really nice. Thanks for making up the beds for us and good luck with your next sit.”


Missie + 2 aviaries + pool + car + web work

missieClifton Beach, north of Cairns city, was a tropical retreat for us during the week Missie’s owners were away. We participated in lots of tourist activities and spent many hours in their amazing pool.

As we also borrowed their car, we provided a drop off and pick up service to the airport, making a quick and efficient start and end to their holiday.

We followed the aviary instructions to the letter and made sure all their birds were content.

cairnsAfter talking over dinner, Charlie asked me to do some social network marketing and website updates for his business. He invited us to stay another week so I was able to help him out and provide some additional value where possible.

I was also in a position to help fix an internet issue by performing tests on the modem and sitting on hold with their ISP for hours on end to establish why their connection was dropping out. Fortunately, the time was well spent as the result is a more reliable connection. My ability to take on some extra responsibility seems attractive to some homeowners with small businesses and I’m very happy to talk about how I can help.



bonniePoppy LOVES kittens and Bonnie was a real sweetheart.

She loved to play and then insisted on snuggling up to someone while she slept.  I spent many an hour with a kitten on my arm whilst I was on my laptop.

We spent lots of time with her and saw the sights of Hervey Bay, Queensland.

Reference: “Bonnie was so tired this afternoon, I can tell she loved playing games with Poppy. I have really enjoyed my chats with you and thanks so much for looking after Bon Bon. Please do buzz me again if you’re ever close by.”


Buddy & Juma + cattle + car + web work

buddy&jumaThese Byron Bay farm dogs are used to vigorous exercise by their super fit and fabulous owners and we were able to keep up with their daily walk down to the creek and back whilst checking the cattles’ water along the way. We also offered an airport drop-off then arranged our leaving flight just a couple of hours after the homeowners’ return flight allowing for a seamless handover of keys, car and hugs at the passenger pick-up zone.

I was able to assist with the homeowners’ business website (under supervision of their webmaster) to complete a project that had been on the ‘to-do’ list for awhile. If you have any administration, social media networking or website updates for your business, I’d be happy to help you out whilst you are away.

Reference: “The house looks great and the dogs are looking very healthy and happy. Thanks for taking such good care of them and thanks for the chicken dinner. That’s amazing!”

[source: cruise friends]

Abby, Bella, car + 2 pools + web work

Richmond, British Columbia with this beautiful boxer and adorable cat was fantastic! We had a swimming pool and hot tub to play in as well as being the perfect family neighbourhood with park nearby. The two teenagers in the house also invited Poppy to play with their game consoles and skateboards whilst they were away. We loved every minute of our time here and got to know lots of local home learners as well. While I was onsite, the homeowner also had me tighten up her new website code and create a facebook business page for her consultancy firm.

Reference: “Adrienne and Poppy are fabulous house sitters. They expertly cared for my elderly dog and demanding cat for a week while we were away. I would highly recommend this duo for your house sit assignments”


Marvin the pug + car

marvinCloverdale, Vancouver was a brilliant week staying in an apartment complex with a playground and swimming pool during the holidays when all the kids were out playing until the last of the summer sun.

Poppy specifically requested a pug to look after and she had a wonderful time with this awesome dog.

Reference: “Adrienne and Poppy were EXCELLENT guests! Both of them are polite and respectful. I would have them back in a heartbeat! Poppy loved our little pug Marvin and spent so much time playing with him. You need not to worry about having these two in your home 🙂 I highly recommend them!”


Dingo & Pluto + car

Poppy was very keen to look after a chihuahua so I found her TWO adorable little guys over the Christmas & New Year season in Melbourne. Pluto loved to be held like a newborn baby so he could sleep in our arms and Dingo was so friendly and loving. We fell in love with them very quickly and they were very content and happy whilst their owners were away for five weeks.

We celebrated our three year travelversary during this housesit and we are still very content and happy with our adventurous lifestyle. We find we settle into a home and community rather quickly, becoming locals at the library & grocery store, finding the walks and parks nearby and generally living like our homeowners do. We also love finding the closest homeschooling network via facebook and getting together with some other kids.

Reference: “Thank you for all the updates, they looked so happy!! They were in heaven here with you both. All our thanks.”


Poppy & Monte


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Mr FluffyPants + car


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Bartram + car

Reference: “Thanks again for taking such good care of my cat and showering her with love. It really brings me joy to know that you guys are enjoying your time there and settling in to my home routine well.”

[source: repeat client]


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Luca and Simba + pool & car

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