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Snow White the Pantomime

Poppy’s first theatre performance at the Theatre Royal was a fabulous success with three sold out shows and three others almost full! Poppy loved every second of every rehearsal and totally blended in with the wonderful theatre people we met. I made several awesome new friends in the process too.

A little note about the Heidi dress Poppy wore in the production – I bought that dress off Trade Me for one dollar when Poppy was little.  Here is a photo of her wearing it as Little Red Riding Hood for a book character day at preschool when she had just turned 2 years old…. with an inset of her wearing the same dress on stage at five years old!

vegas stageshow

Tim Beveridge & Rebecca Wright sang classic Vegas songs with the sensational Neophonic Orchestra and magical Diamond Showgirls. Poppy was enthralled by the costumes and will never forget the glamorous feathers and sequins. She grabbed a couple of stray feathers as they floated off the stage (we were in the front row) and has been wearing them in her hair ever since. This has been our favourite show of the year so far!

From Poppy:  “I loved this show and I wanted to see it again.  I loved the dancers and all their feathers.  Their high kicks were humongous!   One day I will make a costume with lots of feathers and high heel sparkly shoes.”



henley kindy fundraising show

Poppy was offered the opportunity to perform as a representative of Glenna Armstrong’s School of Tap at the Henley Kindy’s fundraising Cultural Show.  She was very excited and had a lot of fun.  In this photo she is with her teacher, Sam waiting to go on.  The costume she is wearing was Sam’s when she was a wee one dancing for the first time!  Watch the video of her performance…