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tracing baby

We are making trips up to the hospital every couple of days to check the baby’s heartbeat – making sure it is still happy even though so overdue… next step, inducing labour…. come on bubby!
tracing machine
Adrienne wearing the tracing monitor that shows fetal heartbeat, contraction activity and baby movements.

11 days overdue

I guess this baby is quite content to stay put for now and make us wait! After trace monitoring and a scan to show fluid levels, baby movement, contraction activity and fetal heartbeat, my midwife and obstetrician are comfortable in letting the baby continue waiting for now.
My Chinese friend says there is a old Chinese proverb about overdue babies – they are very wise – and FAT!

week 41

Adrienne at Rabbit Island

To celebrate our fullterm pregnancy, we spent some time relaxing at Rabbit Island beach on a beautiful, sunny Nelson Sunday morning. Fred scooped out a bubby-sized hole for Adrienne so she could lie on her tummy – a long-distant memory!

Fred at the beach

Now we are beginning the wait for the baby to decide to come out and meet us!

two weeks to go!

Week 39
We are starting the countdown with 2 weeks to go. This is Adrienne’s bump at 39 weeks – she is still fit and well and sleeping great. Fred’s hair is almost all grey now but he is also excitedly counting down!
We have our announcement list ready to go – the nursery is finished – the car capsule is installed – all we need now is BABY!