chicken pox

This time Poppy really did get a good dose of Chicken Pox.  She caught it from MOPS and because so many kids there came down with it, the Mums tried to get together for playdates during the 10 days they were all in quarrentine.




Poppy has enjoyed visiting local parks for playtime as she is not able to attend Tiny Tots this week.


We played at Esther’s house one morning and Poppy loved their dogs.


At MOPS this week we had a quarrentine room for the spotty kids… Poppy is playing with some of her friends.


Before we left for MOPS I asked Poppy to ‘smile’ for a photo – this is her new pose when asked to smile!


When Yogi takes Poppy shopping it’s always fun.  This trip Yogi made a coconut ‘talk’ to Poppy and she was fascinated!


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