christmas eve

After a morning of sunshine and colouring-in, we shopped at Eyebright, met GranJan & Yogi for a fluffy at Grape Escape and then had a BIG sleep in the afternoon in preparation for our Christmas Eve adventure!

We dropped off some hand-picked berries to friends on our way to Carols By Candlelight at the Nelson Cathedral. Although it had been spitting with rain during the afternoon, it was calm and dry during the singing and Poppy enjoyed holding her candle.

We stopped in to Auntie Alison on the way back to Richmond and drove past some Christmas light displays at various houses.  We made sure Santa has cookies and milk and Ruldolph has a carrot for their late night visit.

Poppy went to bed tired but excited and fell asleep bathed in light from her Christmas bed. I’m sure she will sleep in on Christmas morning after all the excitement tonight – but we need to be at church by 9.30am!

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