colin thompson


The Paperbag Prince
The Paperbag Prince



The Paradise Garden
The Paradise Garden


We have only recently discovered Colin Thompson’s childrens books and absolutely love the illustrations.  The descriptions are beautifully written and I love reading these books aloud.

We have read The Paperbag Prince and The Paradise Garden and very keen to borrow as many others from the library as we can.

Poppy enjoys the intracies of the images and will point out new things each time we read.




His other books are:

  • Pictures Of Home
  • Looking For Atlantis
  • Ruby
  • How To Live Forever
  • The Tower To The Sun
  • The Last Alchemist
  • Falling Angels
  • The Violin Man
  • Castles
  • The Big Little Book of Happy Sadness
  • Sometimes Love Is Under Your Foot

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