gingerbread & christmas lights

After a late afternoon sleep today Poppy was ready to wait up until dark to go out and see the Christmas lights. To pass the time we made gingerbread christmas trees and stars and iced them. First, we had to shop for all the ingredients because Mummy does not routinely bake! The whole process was exciting for Poppy and she was a dedicated tester at the end. Mummy helped with the icing because that started to get a little sticky!






Poppy testing out the finished product at Mel’s pool party on Christmas Eve


Here we are splashing around in Mel’s pool!


Poppy helped ice more gingerbread at the Farm with GranJan


Going out in the dark in her pajamas and gumboots (it rained this afternoon) was a big thrill. Poppy said “It’s Daaark!” several times and was totally immersed in the world of lights outside the car windows. When we arrived at the Main Road, Hope house everyone has voted as one of the best for kids, Poppy was ready to see Santa. He was sitting on his sleigh in the driveway and she had a turn sitting next to him and watching the reindeer moving in front. We then toured around the house and watched all the moving pieces. There was a big dancing Santa statue that Poppy copied to the delight of several older couples watching her. Lots of kids were also there in their jammies and watching the toy train circle the Christmas tree in the main picture window along with Poppy. As it was now close to 10pm, we said goodbye to Santa and headed home to bed. The highlight of the night for Poppy was the incredibly big bright full moon hanging low in the sky…. it beat any artificial light show hands down.



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