happy new year!

This year Poppy was determined to stay up until midnight – and she just made it!  We spent some time in the evening with my cousins at their church.  They had a variety show with awards and fun games to keep us entertained while waiting for the New Year’s Eve countdown.  At around 11.15pm we drove into town and watched the live band at the Cathedral Steps until the countdown at midnight and the fireworks.  We then took off straight away because Poppy was starting to wind down – and drove along Rocks Road to see all the Tahuna fireworks happening on the beach and at the camp (I think!).  By the time we hit the motorway home, Poppy was sound asleep.  She didn’t wake up until close to 10am on New Year’s Day and we have another big day planned with train rides and some boating at Rabbit Island with a BBQ dinner.

Wishing all Poppy’s blog readers a wonderful 2011 full of fun memories.