japanese film crew

It’s been a surreal week being totally immersed in a reality TV documentary for Japanese TV.  The show is called Planet Babies and showcases early childhood and education in different countries around the world.  The 30 minute episode produced to represent New Zealand was filmed in Nelson and highlighted the challenges of a working single mother.  They were particularly interested in how Kiwi companies tolerate the children of employees and customers and how we prioritise our work/life balance.  In Japan it would be highly unusual to bring your child to work …. let alone set aside a dedicated area for kids in the workplace.  When you think about it, most banks, council offices, clothes shops, cafes and clinics all cater for children and their parents and we generally take it for granted there will be some activity space for our preschoolers wherever we go.

Poppy says:

The Japanese filmed us and I liked that they filmed us for a long time and they filmed GranJan and Yogi too.  They were in my bedroom when I was asleep and also at soccer when it was raining.  They watched me at the supermarket while I did the shopping for my Mummy and at the toy library.  And we went to Orange Dog and she worked while I played on the computer.  I rode my bike to the playground and they had to run to keep up with me.  Koji let me listen on the headphones to the big boom microphone and he jumped on the trampoline and did a big FLIP!  Akemi gave me a pink Hello Kitty doll and I really love her.  Hide taught me some Japanese and he speaks English too.  He also bought me a fluffy.  Toshi is a funny man and he holds the big camera.  I want to see myself on TV but not when I was crying.

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