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Welcome to our Japanese friends who have watched our episode of Planet Babies!  It’s been wonderful reading your emails – here are a couple of examples:

Hi, My name’s Yuki. I live in Japan. I saw you on TV today. I’m a single mom in Japan, and i was so impressed. I have a son same as you. I really like your smiling faces so much!! I was happy to see your program. That encourage me a lot. Thank you.

I am Junko living in Osaka, Japan. The other day, me and my husband watched the TV program about how you are raising your daughter, Poppy in Nelson, New Zealand. While we were watching, we were really encouraged to raise our child and I couldn’t stop myself writing you. Watching how you talk to Poppy and your idea about how family should be, we were both encouraged. I would like to thank you for being in the TV program and introduced your life and your idea of family and parents to people like us.
Thank you very much. I wish you and Poppy happiness.
From your Japanese fan and friend

I am replying to each email but they are starting to come thick and fast!  Thanks again to Planet Babies & the Japanese crew for the opportunity.

Here is the link to take a look at our Planet Babies episode guide.  I’ve run it through my google translator but the result is a little patchy!

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  1. Hi Adrienne & Poppy

    Wow you have got a feed back directly from Japan. I am sure a lot of Japanese Single mum was encouraged by your story.
    I hope you & poppy are keeping well & busy.

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