If you have a child who enjoys using the computer, playing games or watching kids youtube videos, you will want to know about Kidzui. Kidzui is a free, safe kids browser for children ages 3-12 years-old. The website officially launched on March 18, 2008. I just discovered it while I was looking for fun educational games for Poppy.

kidzui_logoKidzui takes a whole new approach to filtering out the bad content from the web, to protect the eyes and mind of children. Rather than blacklisting Internet sites, they “white list” sites that are approved and safe for children of specific ages. I believe there are over 1/2 million sites that are on there at this time.

What does this mean? It can be hard to grasp the concept of Kidzui, without taking a look at it yourself. But basically, if you go to the website and signup. Your child will be signed up first. You can create a username and password for her. Then the login details for you child will be e-mailed to you. You will then receive a notification e-mail which lets you create your Parent account. kidzuiparentsYour Parent account login area is not the same as your child’s. Parent accounts allow the adults to login and view actual details and statistics about how many minutes or hours your child has been online. Also, which websites, videos and games she was playing (and at what times). For the worrying parents, this is a useful tool. For me, I think it is good to know just how much time my child spends online, to keep things in balance. I do not want her online as much as I am, so around an hour a day would be fine!

Now for the fun stuff! After you create the two accounts (the Parent account and the child account), you will also have a new icon on your desktop. Whenever your child wants to surf the web, she will need to click on the icon and login to the account. After logging in, the child can create a character that looks like her. Then Internet browsing can commence, and the style and setup of the Internet with Kidzui is easy to use, navigate around and also to mingle. Mingle??? Not only is this a kids Internet browser, but it almost seems like a social network as well. Kids have their own profiles, and they can make friends. If they watch a youtube video, after watching it, they can vote and say if they liked it or did not like it, etc. Other kids online can see their votes, and their profiles. They can add each other as friends and socialize with other little Internet browsing kids.

If you do allow your child to surf using KidZui, do a search for PoppyFord and add as a friend!

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