leaving nelson

It’s a very sad night for me as we share a last dinner and Wii games evening with my best friend, Janine.  She is leaving for Wellington tomorrow morning; a brand new amazing job and lots of wonderful adventures await her there.  Luckily, I have grabaseat on email alert and the seats from Nelson to Wellington are frequent and affordable.

Janine and I went to school together and I reconnected with her when I moved to Nelson in 2004.  Since then she has been a constant and amazing friend, supporting me through my new business, first baby and the end of my marriage.  She stayed this week to celebrate Poppy’s 5th birthday with us and I’m so grateful she was there.  I’m teary-eyed for myself, but incredibly happy for her – and really thankful she is only across the puddle.
Thank you, Janine for the special touches you’ve added to my Nelson life… you know the song in my heart and can sing it to me when my memory fails – and it helps that we were both in Special Choir!