melbourne cup 2010

As we do every year, Yogi & GranJan, Poppy & Adrienne all choose horses based on the relevance of their name to our personalities or interests.  This year the line up is:

  • Poppy: Americain (white, blue strip with white stars, red white and blue striped sleeves and cap)
  • Adrienne: Precedence (black and white checks, yellow sleeves, black and white cap)
  • GranJan: Zipping (navy blue, white armbands, white cap)
  • Yogi: Shocking (black, orange and black sash and cap)

And Poppy WON!  GranJan’s horse Zipping came fourth in the race for the third time.  Adrienne’s horse came 8th and Yogi’s came 18th!