ma & grandad

On Sunday we all drove over to Picton to tell Ma and Grandad the good news. Dad proposed a toast to great celebration and a BLOODY MARVELLOUS from Grandad. Ma is thrilled for both me and Mum as she finally gets to be a grandmother for the first time. Our baby will be Ma and Grandad’s 18th great-grandchild.

11 week scan

To clarify the baby’s due date and have an inital check-up, my midwife, Wendy, sent us for a scan. These days you can take along a video and the activity on the screen is taped to share with others. Our first view of the wee baby was watching it bouncing up, down and around. The resulting due date is approximately 16 January, 2006.

the test

After feeling like I had a bad flu, I pleaded with Dr Pip to give me something for the nausea. Before she did, she completed a quick pregnancy test and it came back positive! We did another one just to make sure. Surprise, surprise! I quickly raced home to tell Fred before my dentist appointment because I knew I’d have to tell the dentist if I had needed anesthetic! I couldn’t possibly tell the dentist before my husband, right? After my appointment I drove out to the farm to tell Mum and Dad….. who were jumping up and down with excitement! A memorable start to the big adventure!