police station visit

Poppy’s preschool took a class to the Richmond Police Station where the kids were invited into the cells, had their fingerprints taken, patted a police dog, crawled through a police car and listened to the siren…..

The first thing Poppy said to the first police officer she could find was “My Daddy has lots of guns!”
I remember having a conversation with her months ago about guns not always being for hurting people and criminals; in fact, her Daddy has a collection of guns and will shoot targets and go hunting. However, it was more common for people in America to collect guns than in New Zealand.
Needless to say, the nice policeman said something like: “I’m going to have to keep an eye on your father then!” until I cleared the air saying he actually lived in the USA and therefore probably out of the Richmond jurisdiction….. ahhhh, some of the other Mums are still emailing me with their comments and laughing!

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