recent language

I’m listing some of the memorable things Poppy is currently saying so I can look back on them in years to come….

  • After wetting my hair and giving it a scrunch, I came out of the bathroom to Poppy’s comment: “Mummy, is it crazy hair day???”
  • Poppy tells me regularly: “My Mum – you are my best friend in my family.”
  • Whenever she passes a dog/baby out in public she will stop and ask: “What’s your baby’s name?”  When she is answered, she will say: “Awww <insert name here>, that’s LOV-ER-LY!” to the amusement of whoever she is speaking with.
  • Her latest conversation starter is: “What’s your favourite food/colour/flower/book/etc.”  And she remembers what you said last time and reminds you of the correct answer in case you get it ‘wrong’.
  • My fault for teaching her to say: “Just a cotton-pickin’ minute!” – now she says it back to me when I’m trying to get her to hurry up and put her shoes on or something!
  • She is working on her manners – remembering to say “Excuse Me” if someone is speaking and she will generally remember to say “May I have <insert item> please Mummy.” However, she uses the same phrasing for some odd requests, like: “May I have a Go Away please Mummy!”
  • Instead of telling her she is naughty, I will tell her she made ‘the wrong choice’.  I often hear this repeated back to me – for example, I spilled a little flour whilst baking and I hear: “Oh Mummy, you made the wrong choice!  Better get a cloth and clean it up!”
  • Encouraging Poppy to say BA-nana instead of just Nana – now she emphasises the “BA” more than usual making it a funny sounding fruit!
  • Picking up some of Yogi’s language, Poppy will often shout “Let’s DO IT, matey!” or “Let’s GET IN THE CAR, matey!”
  • Watching the Santa Parade coming down the street, she noticed something and said “That’s AMAZING, Mummy!”
  • Another parrotting phrase I hear every now and then: “You’ve got to be KIDDING me!”
  • Straight from Vicky, her teacher at PreSchool, using the same tone and inflection: “Hello! You good?”


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