Poor wee Poppy has been sick.  She was feverish and lost her appetite over the weekend and then on Monday a pink rash appeared.  After checking with the doctor, it’s confirmed she has Roseola or Baby Measles.  The rash lasted for 3 days and the virus also came with a cough and runny nose.


We’ve been attempting to keep things interesting without being able to go out and about.  The bath has been a great source of amusement and we’ve learned lots of new games with water. We had our own Music & More class here at home and we also watched quite a bit of TV while lying on the couch.  Yogi & GranJan have been visiting too.  Poppy’s new favourite word is “up” which she has been using constantly to be close to Mummy while she is sick.

Here is some information about this childhood disease.

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