thursday in lafayette

Our hotel has a basket of apples in the foyer for guests to take.  Each morning Poppy says “May I have a apple?” and I say “Sure, Poppy!” and she brings her apple to the truck and puts it in the cup holder.  During the day I ask her if she wants to eat her apple and she says “No, thank you.”  This morning she asks to have an apple again and I remind her that she hasn’t eaten the last two apples she left in the truck and she says “For Lily!”.  She has been collecting apples to give to GranJan’s pig back on the farm….

Today we had a big thunderstorm with lots of rain here in Lafayette – it reduced the temperature to 30 degrees rather than 37 degrees!  It was a visiting day today with stops to our neighbour Miss Emilie and our friend Debi Smith.  After an afternoon sleep we did a little shopping and then picked up Daddy for dinner with Chun and Yee Ling – at a different Chinese restaurant – but with the same chopsticks!

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