wave rave glow party

Poppy has really loved going to our local Aquatic Centre’s Wave Raves on Friday nights.  It’s a riot of colour & music along with splashing and swimming fun with hundreds of other kids.  The lifeguards are amazing and run ‘holiday-programme’ style games and competitions – often with prizes and sweets.

Occasionally they will have a theme night and this week was a GLOW PARTY.  They ran a facebook competition beforehand to give away a VIP party and Poppy won!  She wrote a song (with lots of help from Yogi) to the tune of Amy Winehouse’s Rehab.  The competition asked to provide the reason she wanted to win a VIP party at the Glow Night…..

My Mummy said what kind of party
and I said “Glow, Glow, Glow”
Don’t you want to go to Mackers?
And I said “NO, NO … GLOW!”
I want to be a VIP
Come on Mummy, come on PLEASE!
I wanna win a Wave Rave party
So we can **GLOW**GLOW**GLOW**

The Edge radio station (88.8) did a crossover on the radio and Poppy sang her song on air.

The prize consisted of the winner and three friends being picked up in the Edge Roadrunner (radio station SUV) and delivered to the pool; bypassing the long queues of kids and being escorted straight into the VIP party area roped off in the cafe.  It was decorated with balloons and glow stuff and the kids were presented with a party dinner from the cafe along with lots of glowsticks to wear.  Then they had lots of fun in the pools with no waiting in line at the inflatable…. and heaps of sweets!

Glow Party VIPs - Jesse, Ella, Poppy & Alice

Glow Party VIPs - Jesse, Ella, Poppy & Alice

Poppy invited her friends Ella, Jesse and Alice and they all had a blast.