weekend in takaka

After driving over after dinner Friday night, Poppy sleeps in the car and wakes up at Steve’s house!  After a game of pillow fighting on the couch the next morning, we ate breakfast and went walking in town.  Poppy had her boots on so she could jump in puddles.  

At the new Takaka Library….

Later in the day we went for another walk to the grocery store.

Poppy’s backpack got her stuck in the bike racks and she couldn’t work out how to get free!

We picked up Flo the chocolate lab for a walk on the beach at Pohara.  While there, we discovered a wee terrier running around on the beach and Poppy had fun throwing handfuls of sand for him to try and catch.

Next was a visit to Min and her horses….

….and a quick stop in to Kevin’s house to say hi to Nano.

After a very busy day Poppy waves goodnight.

Poppy made friends with LB & wee Alex on Sunday morning…

Then we took her to Bencarrie Animal Park to play.

After a quick visit next door to Anatoki Salmon (Adrienne’s customers) and a chocolate fish from Gerda…

…we came home to help Dan with his boat.

A bedtime story from Steve ends another full day…. and we leave early Monday morning back over the hill to Richmond.

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