Poppy’s interview with the US Consulate Officer was scheduled for 1.15pm in Wellington on Thursday 19 April, 2007.  Fred, Adrienne & Poppy took the 6.30am flight over from Nelson and spent the morning at Little Monkeys, an adventure playground at the top of Tory Street before heading over to the US Consulate by bus.

Poppy’s interview went really well although we couldn’t take photos for this blog due to security requirements.  We were able to get a photo of Poppy outside the gates with the US Seal – just before the security guard marine spotted us and told us off! We strolled down Lambton Quay and Willis Street doing some window shopping before visiting Vic & Vaughan in their new office near Pigeon Park. We took the Airport Flyer bus back to catch our flight home at 6.30pm. 

It was a very long day for wee Poppy but she was well behaved the whole time – especially in the planes (thank goodness!).  I did have to use the emergency chocolate-coated muesli bar I packed to keep her settled in the Consular Meeting Room.  To her credit, it was her sleep time and she was way off her routine.  We should be receiving Poppy’s US Passport in the mail over the next few weeks – as well as her NZ Passport for which I sent off the application last week.  Once they have both arrived, we are going to have a Passport Party!

Poppy eats her breakfast while waiting for our plane to board.

On the plane…

Poppy spots a drug dog walking through to the International Terminal. 

Poppy’s first time in a bus… The Airport Flyer 

Little Monkeys Adventure Playground 



Here is a streaming video of Poppy [1.6megs] riding the merry-go-round and on the Coaster.

RIGHT CLICK the link above and SAVE AS to your computer, and then OPEN after the download completes.

With the Cuba Mall water fountain 

Waiting in the park for the Consulate to open after lunch.

With the US Seal outside the Consulate Building. 

With Vaughan & Vic at their office in Wellington. 

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