why do I blog?

I’ve had some recent visitors to Poppy’s blog wondering why I put photos of her on the internet with all the weirdos around who will find out where we live and either burgle us or snatch her from her bed, or perhaps both!

There are so many reasons why I blog and put our lives on the internet – here are some of them as I reflect….

  • To allow Poppy’s father & family overseas & in New Zealand to keep up-to-date with her life.
  • To document our adventures and relive them through photos and journaling.
  • To record & share learning opportunities and connect us with home-schooling resources.
  • It’s easy, cheap, and fun.  It humbles, exhilarates, and connects us to the world.
  • It’s our mark on the world, a record that we were here.
  • It allows us to demonstrate our passions and meet others with similar interests.
  • It gives us opportunity to strike up an online conversation with a network of hundreds of millions of people.
  • Some things we share may inspire & encourage others as we are inspired and encouraged by others online.
  • Our blog is a place where we can write with artistic expression.

One amazing example recently was the opportunity to document how we live as a single-parent family in New Zealand to 20 million TV viewers in Japan.  This opportunity was extended to us via the power of the internet and directly due to our historical documenting of our lives and culture on our blog.  Who knows how many single Japanese mothers will gain knowledge and understanding of a differing culture to their own – and perhaps even dream to have the same wonderful opportunities we have in New Zealand without the discrimination they suffer.

There is no predicting where life will take us, especially as we make connections and share with others.  Not only do I see blogging as a wonderful confidence-builder in the future for Poppy, but also as a wide community for us to discover and enjoy.  I don’t expect those with suspicions about the value of the internet to ever understand completely – I guess it’s part of our unique family culture and has provided us with an incalculable array of positive experiences.


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  1. I love that you blog. I love that it keeps me in touch with a friend who has touched my life eventhough she has moved half a world away. I find your homeschooling encouraging and refreshing to view from the perspective of a different country. I may not always comment, but I check and smile.

  2. Go Adrienne!! I love Poppy’s blog and look forward to reading about my rellies. Jennie XX

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