6 months old!

Poppy is six months old today, 1st August, 2006. Some of her developmental milestones are a vast repertoire of sounds including squeals, bubbling noises, operatic octave changes, and babbling. She enjoys her bedtime story every night cuddling in with Daddy and completes a varied schedule of social activities with Mummy including Mum’s Group, MOPS, Music, Baby Gym, Swimming and Church creche. After learning to roll over both ways, Poppy has started to commando crawl and explores her world quickly and efficiently, putting most items she finds in her mouth and trying to climb up things. She particularly likes ‘reading’ the Briscos ad from the newspaper on Saturday mornings in bed with Mum and Dad. She has just got the hang of PeekaBoo and loves playing this with Yogi when he babysits while Mum goes to her aquafitness class. She sleeps 12 hours a night – from 6.30pm to 6.30am and follows the routines outlined in the New Contented Baby Book by Gina Ford (no relation!). Her favourite toy is her little crinkly crab from her Lamaze fishbowl. Poppy is mainly dressed in red and all her clothes are secondhand from TradeMe.co.nz. Her favourite songs are The Wheels on the Bus, Five Little Ducks and Old MacDonald had a Farm. She smiles when we quack like a duck and laughs excitedly when you pretend to chomp her neck like a big monster. She has a morning breast feed and then formula for the rest of the day. Her solid food intake began a week ago (quite a bit later than her friends) and she has tried baby rice, pumpkin, carrots, corn and apple. There are no signs of teeth coming through yet and she has experienced two colds since she was born. She is the love of our lives and we can’t imagine existing without her. We have prepared a DVD album of photos and video of her first 6 months to send to Grandpa Bill as well as for Yogi & GranJan to show off their first grandchild.
The first six months:

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