Category: One Year Old

  • last day at tiny tots

    Poppy’s last day being 1 year old… her Tiny Tots teachers and friends give her a little party to say Happy Birthday and goodbye! Mummy baked cheesy biscuits and poppyseed cupcakes for everyone. With her favourite teacher, Emma. Saying goodbye to her best mate Nathan.

  • christchurch

    Just before Poppy turns two years old, Adrienne buys tickets to Christchurch as a special treat. Aeroplanes are one of Poppy’s favourite things and she is very excited to be getting on one. In fact, after our flight down we disembark and walk past other aircraft on our way to the terminal… as we pass […]

  • new year barbeques

    We were invited to two BBQ’s on the same night! First we went into Nelson to Neene & Richard’s for their New Year’s BBQ… Then we drove to Tahunanui campground for the annual Clarkson’s BBQ! Anne gave Poppy a beautiful painted rock with her name on it. Poppy played inside the caravan and tents. Mark […]

  • ayla playdate

    While Music has stopped for the holidays, Poppy and Ayla have been getting together at each other’s house to play. Here they are making jelly, playing outside, sharing hats & grapes, playing with Ayla’s little sister, Jana and eating their jelly before running around outside again!

  • happy new year!

    Poppy and Adrienne had New Year’s Eve dinner at the farm and then headed home to bed… To all those who have been reading Poppy’s blog over the past two years – we hope your 2008 is GREAT, mate! Adrienne spent the night watching the Royal Variety Concert and Elton John’s amazing 60th birthday concert […]

  • poppy’s camera – christmas day

    Poppy received a kid’s digital camera from her Daddy for Christmas – and she has been really enjoying clicking photos. I have added a red poppy in the bottom left corner of her photos so you can tell her photos from mine. It’s incredibly interesting to me to see what she chooses to click and […]