Category: Two Years Old

  • beach party

    We checked out the beach at 12 noon today and it was great! No wind and some protective cloud cover from the sun. See you just after high tide at 3pm – and don’t forget we have a sausage sizzle afterwards!

  • first time camping

    After our (essential) practice run camping at the farm, we felt ready to hit the big time and camp with friends at Totaranui in Golden Bay. It was a fabulous experience and Poppy morphed into a ‘camp kid’ within 5 minutes of getting there. We attempted a very challenging 6km walk one day through bush […]

  • new bookcase

    New for us in Cautley St – however, I bought this bookcase and another the same when living in Australia years and years ago.  They have been well-used at GranJan & Yogi’s different homes since then and are now surplus to requirements during a reshuffle of GranJan’s sewing room.  We are delighted to find room […]

  • birthday invitation

  • family reunion

    It was fun to spend some time with the whole extended Orchard family in Picton this weekend.

  • picking berries