daisy rock

daisy_rockSince she was born, I’ve been considering the musical instrument I’d like Poppy to learn. As a woodwind player I will be able to teach her the sax, flute or bassoon etc – but I would really like her to try the bass guitar. It appeals to me as a great crossover instrument – one can learn bass and play in any genre of band and then switch to double bass orchestrally. Although it’s not really a solo instrument and you can’t play it around the campfire, I believe it will generate lots of performance opportunities.

After deciding this years ago, it was fortuitous that Yogi spotted a Daisy Rock bass guitar in the window of Cash & Trade here in Richmond. The price was right even though the instrument is a little too big for a three year old. Poppy is now the proud owner of a pink flower bass guitar! Perhaps not destined for a metal band, hmmm. Now we need to purchase a mini-amp and she can go busking!

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