We’ve been visiting Grandma Margaret (Ma’s sister) in Kaikoura to break up the long trip between Nelson & Christchurch. She runs Bay-View HomeStay and I’m helping her with internet & print marketing.  This visit we collected white rocks from the beach, went out for dinner and then stayed up late to watch the rugby.  On the way home to Nelson we stopped at our favourite waterfall walk to see the baby seals and jumped over rocks to see the Mummy seals.  We ended up at the Blenheim Market Day before having lunch in Havelock.

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  1. Hi there, Adrienne and Poppy. I have been admiring your photos of Kaikoura and thought I’d share some information I learnt on a school trip to Napier Marineland last month. The difference between seals and sea lions is that sea lions have ears and seals don’t. Seals have a small opening that covers over when they dive under water but sea lions have visible ears. So all the animals I have always called seals may have been sea lions judging by the ear I saw in one of your photos.
    Mar has enjoyed having you to stay and all the help with the brochures. Cheeers Jennie

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