wee clothes

In preparation we have begun to collect some necessities including the cutest little clothes. We have a couple of great second-hand babywear businesses in Richmond which has left enough money for a good secondhand cot and capsule. We have also discovered the new revolution of cloth nappies and Mum and I have been visiting www.thenappynetwork.org.nz to find patterns and fabrics to make our own.

names chosen

After several research sessions and discussions, Fred and I have come up with a girl’s and boy’s name we are both happy with! We are keeping them to ourselves at the moment to make sure they stand the test of time over the next few weeks….. still open to other suggestions along the way!

aquanatal & yoga

I’ve been working at my exercise levels during this pregnancy and I’m having a blast at the pool and at yoga. Not only is the exercising specifically tailored for prenatal needs – it also has the added advantage of socializing with lots of other pregnant woman…. a couple may even appear in the hospital to give birth on the same week as us!

19 week scan

Woah – what a disappointment! After making the decision we WANTED to know the sex of this wee one – it wouldn’t open it’s legs for us to see! I guess we are in for a surprise whether we like it or not. Meanwhile, Mum & Dad were waiting to see if they should collect pink or blue baby things… now everything will be white! On the positive side, baby’s heart, spine and internal organs all look perfectly fine.

12 week NT scan

The baby’s head was a little small last week to complete the Nuchal Translucency (NT) scan so we came back this week. It was also our 5th wedding anniversary. Marian, my sonographer, was able to tell we are in the low risk group for Down’s Syndrome and the baby’s spine looked fine (to rule out spina bifida). She was happy with the growth over the past week and booked us in for our 19 week scan. Again we took a video tape and recorded everything.