Poppy has been standing by herself for lengthy periods of time over the past two months. She can stoop down and stand back up and she can also dance and wiggle with her feet in one place. She has only ever taken 3 or 4 steps without holding something – she is quite fast walking around furniture or cupboards and now perfers to walk places holding someone’s hand than to crawl.

I took Poppy to Rabbit Island beach yesterday and introduced her to the waves for the first time. She wasn’t satisfied standing in the shallows and having the waves lap over her feet – she wanted to get further into the water. I let her get completely wet, but because I wasn’t in my togs, I couldn’t let her go too far. She got really upset when I kept bringing her back to the shallows! I’ll have to take her for a proper swim in the ocean soon while the water is lovely and warm.

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