the finale

The final two shows on Saturday were as wonderful as the previous two (and before that, two dress rehearsals!).  Yogi, GranJan & NeeNe were there on Saturday night – and I also spotted Poppy’s first ballet teacher, Sheree, in the lobby ready for the show.  Poppy was excited and a ball of energy – she did so well to remember everything and perform to her best every time the curtain went up.  She was in her element and I will endeavor to find more opportunities for her to participate in productions.  It was such a positive experience – even the hair-dressing (which was sometimes painful) was a magical piece of the whole adventure.

I would like to personally thank Peta Spooner and Jane Pascoe for their energy and commitment to providing this amazing opportunity for their young students & especially their kindness and patience with Poppy. After all, she is still only 4 years old! In the programme they mention their philosophy….

While excellence is our goal, we strive to provide a positive learning environment for all students to enjoy.  Our intention is for everybody to achieve, have the opportunity to perform, and to become an appreciative audience for others. We are always extremely proud of our students both past and present for their achievements. Our hope is for each student’s life to be richer for the experience.


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