giggle girl

A funny thing happened yesterday afternoon – Poppy started to giggle.  She has always had an enthusiastic chuckle and a squealing laugh, but this was different.  It was a giggle and she giggled endlessly for 2 hours until she went to bed!  She giggled at everything and at nothing – she giggled while she was eating and in the bath.  She even giggled while her nappy was being changed.  This morning I wondered if the giggling would continue – sure enough, the minute after she woke up and called out “MUMMMMMY!” Poppy started giggling.  I wonder if she will giggle like this for the rest of her life and I’ll tell her “I remember the day you started that silly giggling!”

As I tucked her into bed with her poppy blankie and Elmo, I shot some video of her giggling at me pulling kissy faces at her.  Watch Giggle Girl Video.

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