Group rubbishes nappy habits

Nelson cloth-nappy campaigners admit that their latest display is rubbish – enough rubbish to represent the waste created by one baby wearing disposable nappies for a year.

The display is one of the events in Nelson being held to mark Real Nappy Week – a worldwide awareness week to promote eco-friendly nappies.

Nelson-based cloth nappy retailers Fuzzibunz, Smart E Pants and YoYo Nappy have joined forces for the week and will be holding displays in Richmond Mall as well as running cloth nappy coffee groups called Nappicinos.

Jan Yeo, who runs YoYo Nappy, said a child in disposable nappies created about 1.5 tonnes of waste a year, assuming they were changed between six and 10 times a day.

Ms Yeo said demand for cloth nappies was growing.

“I am so amazed by the numbers of people who choose to be environmentally friendly.”

People with a penchant for cleanliness will be pleased to know the rubbish bags used in the display have been filled with newspaper. A few (clean) disposable nappies have been added for effect.

The moveable display will be parked in either the Richmond Mall carpark or in Queen St Richmond over the next week.

A stall containing information about many different styles of re-usable cloth nappies will also be erected in the mall.

The final nappicino coffee group will be held at Alchemy Cafe in the MacMillans Ceramics complex in Richmond at 2pm on Sunday.

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