our new piggy

Poppy is getting a new pet at the farm – a baby KuneKune piggy!  GranJan & Yogi have raised these beautiful-natured pigs before – their first was Pheobe and their second was Poppy!  In fact, Poppy was partly named after Poppy the Pig even though Adrienne was overseas and never met her in person.

We drove to the animal farm where our piglet was waiting with her family.  Poppy played with all the other animals and then chose her favourite piglet from the litter.  GranJan was allowed to pick her up even though she is only 11 days old and needs to stay with her mother a few more weeks before coming home with us.  We’ve decided to name her Lily and Poppy practiced saying ‘Lily’ on the way home.







For more information on KuneKune Pigs.

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