pretend play

Poppy has been playing at being asleep accompanied by a wee snore.  She also joins in with ‘tea party’ games where we sip pretend tea and eat pretend cucumber sandwiches.  At MacMillans this weekend she played with a doll’s house for the first time.  She put the dolls to bed and covered them with blankets and pretended to sleep with them and snored a little!  She also adores playing chasing games.  Here she is at the farm in her All Black’s jersey playing ‘monster’ with Yogi.  She has to sneak up to him and grab a teddy/toy then run back to Mummy while the ‘monster’ growls and pretends to chase her.  She will play this game over and over and over – each time pretending to be scared and screaming with a huge smile on her face!



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