splashing safari water park

This morning we returned to Holiday World to spend some time at the Splashin’ Safari Water Park.  Before heading to the water, we went to the Official Measuring Station again.  Yesterday we had Poppy measured to see if she qualified for the more demanding rides.  The minimum height is 36 inches and she was 35 and a half!  So after dinner yesterday we bought her some new shoes with a little wedge heel…. and today she qualified!  This allowed us to take her on a few more rides and she absolutely LOVED them.  With her thrill-seeker personality type she couldn’t get enough of these theme park adventures!

After a morning riding some bigger rides and spending time in the water, we had lunch at the truck and visited the Santa Claus Museum.  The city where Holiday World resides is named Santa Claus, Indiana and the whole town has a Christmassy theme.  Fred bought a t-shirt saying “I’m on the Santa diet” then we encouraged Poppy have an hour’s sleep before heading back into the park and spending another couple of hours having fun.  After an icecream to finish off the day, we headed back to Bob’s house (around 2 hours drive) and finally got to bed around midnight.  It was a very exciting couple of days and Fred commented that he absolutely got his money’s worth seeing Poppy so thrilled!  I reckon one of the best moments was Poppy being measured in her new shoes… they cost $5 on clearance and made our day SO MUCH more fun!

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