monday in lafayette

Our first sleep-in for a week!  We relaxed in our lovely Courtyard Marriott room and played cards and playdough.  We have a fridge and microwave so were able to make cereal for breakfast.  Fred came over around 11am and we took him back to work so we could have the truck for the afternoon.  We did a little shopping and Poppy found some Minnie Mouse knickers at Target she fell in love with!  For lunch we went to McDonalds to play in the air-conditioned playground – I choose apple slices and milk as the options for Poppy’s first ever Happy Meal!  She hardly ate anything because she couldn’t wait to hit the slides and play with the other kids.  She wore herself out so we went back to our room for a sleep before picking up Fred from work.  We finished off our day with a run around and feeding the ducks at Rat Park (Girard Park – where the Nutria live).

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