tuesday in lafayette

Poppy went to her first movie today!  The Grand Cinema has a kiddie show matinee on Tuesdays at 10am for $3 each including popcorn and a drink.  They showed Jimmy Neutron and Poppy loved it!  She said “I’m at the MOVIES!” a couple of times – but generally was immersed in the story and for the rest of the day pretended she was in a spaceship going to the moon.  After the movie we called in to see my very good friend Chun whom I worked with when I lived in Lafayette.  Poppy took over his conference room computer while we caught up with each other’s news. We went to lunch with his wife Yee Ling and they taught Poppy to use chopsticks!   We couldn’t get a room at the Courtyard Marriott tonight as it was fully booked so we switched to the Hilton and had a nap before picking up Daddy from work.  We took Poppy to a wonderful park where she ran around for half an hour and then we went to the Mall for a chicken salad tea and a play on the ride-on toys.  Poppy especially liked the ice-cream van and made us lots of ice-cream cones.  The Hilton has an outside pool so we had fun swimming in the dark before Poppy went to sleep in her own bed which she told me was her “ClubHouse” and I wasn’t allowed in!

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